What is your routine before going into deep work?

Jenny F.
Cleaning up the space that I am about to work in. Nothing too crazy, just clearing trash or other items that shouldn’t be on my desk.
Mary T.
I make it a priority to meditate. It can be difficult not to get sucked into my phone and spend too much time on there because I usually have the impulse to Check messages, Facebook and emails immediately after getting the kids down. Once I meditate, I’m already disconnected so it’s easier to move into deep work w. Completing the deep work is then satisfying to know I’ve actually accomplished something instead of just scrolling on my phone.
Dave B.
I have “Deep Work” at the end of both my morning and my afternoon rituals. Immediately preceding “Deep Work” in my morning ritual are “Check email”
and then “What are your three most important tasks?” Immediately preceding “Deep Work” in my afternoon ritual are “Check email” and then “Revise and recommit.” I check my email before I start Deep Work because staying in touch in a timely with the students in my courses is an important part of my online class. Sometimes an emaiI from a student influences my idea of what my most important tasks for the day are. And my list of most important tasks influences what I do for Deep Work.
Frederick E.
I take a brief walk around the office and grab a cup of tea before sitting back down and zoning into work. It helps to have a quick break before jumping into deep work for me.
Taylor W.
I find tidying up the work area beforehand to be a good method, because I can clear up my mind a bit and not feel so frustrated by a messy environment in the middle of the deep work. Hope this helps!
Br Gido A.
Drink water, meditate, stretch, eat good breakfast, make my bed, and say I feel good today or I’ thankful today for. Sometimes I still exercise and shower. Then go into deep work.