Yes, how should I handle small tasks? If high priority tasks take too long then I have no time for small group tasks, because once I start working, I can’t stop.

Scarlett O.
Maintain a Book of Work, I have an actual tiny book. Add priority n dates of deadline. Choose 2 or 3 smaller tasks and 1 big one. Completing smaller tasks first will reduce your BoW list! That's definitely motivating for me. N then start with your high priority tasks, n you won't feel too overwhelmed bcoz something is getting done! Write those tasks in post-it notes n make a ball out of it once tasks are done n throw it at your work place buddy for extra motivation… 😉

Marilou C.
Maybe consider grouping small tasks together, either with bigger tasks, or as a ‘big’ task’ on their own. I like to group errands together, for example, so I won’t go do errands unless I can knock out three or four things at once so I optimize efficiency and my time.