What if you don’t have any big tasks to complete during the deep work session, what if you have lots of small tasks?

Toni C.
Lots of small tasks are just as important as one big one that’s what I do as well keep up the good work you are doing so great
Talo E.
It does not matter at all!!
The perpous fo Deep Work is to practice to have full concentration on what you are doing and be abale to control and push your self to Do the job
Julia F.
As long as you move from task to task ruing your 25 min without distraction. Or sometimes even a small task can take up the whole time
Silje Z.
I'd say write out a list of the small tasks, and make the list your big task!
I find Deep Work is most valuable in helping me focus on what I need/want to do until it's done. Sometimes, that means just cleaning up a lot of little things!
Logan Y.
Group them into like categories and estimate how long they will take. Work on them in order/category until your time runs out. Try to eliminate distraction when switching between tasks.
Andrea P.
My initial thoughts on this is to keep it simple. I would write out the to-do list of all the tasks and them make your deep focus task being complete the to-do list. This gives the added effect of motivation through the deep work as you finish tasks.
Diocl Ia O.
Keeping yourself focused as you transition from task to task is harder than focusing on one big task, but it’s possible! Make sure you keep your list of items handy and stick to it. It’s easier to create flow if you don’t have to worry about the next step.
Durvalino T.
For me, the idea is to just focus on the thing(s) you need to get done and not get distracted. Doesn’t have to be a single, large piece of work.
Klaas F.
I do a small task completed for 25 minutes or else I'll just check it out.so far if there is no big task I use my time to learn Korean language
Hilda E.
Batch them into larger task groups, eg. if you have many smaller house chores, write them down and commit to finish all the tasks you have written.

A bit off topic, but ideally you should finish the smaller tasks immediately as they arise, there is productivity rule of thumb; “if it takes less than 2 minutes to finish, do it immediatelly”, because the act of postponing itself takes more effort and willpower than finsihing it.

Ivan Y.
Organize them and Start doing them, staring from the most important one first. But you can't call that deep work actually…. Maybe the ability to do deep work isn't relevant for you or your lifestyle🤷