What is the one habit you have that positively impacts your productivity?

Louise T.
Clean and tidy up
It is in every ritual that i have and it has greatly increased how nice my house looks. I sometimes find myself doing it without being prompted.
Mirjana J.
To share my story with people and hope to inspire people one day
Valentim Q.
Deep Work! Seeing for myself when I actually DO find good focus and how easy it can be when applying oneself makes me want to do it more regularly and for longer periods of time!
Analide T.
Allocating specific daily slots for doing work. During these sessions I do the most important work and anything I don't get done goes to the next day. This helps me keep work-life balance
Ma Lle Q.
Turning off distractions to improve focus & taking short breaks to breathe, stretch & keep hydrated.
Alex E.
Journaling in the morning. It gives me time to reflect on the successes and failures of the previous day and start the new day with positive intention.
Emma C.
Get up from bed early. Do not use snooze. Just get after it.
Erhardt C.
Scheduling out my time each day with specifics of what I'll be focused on for that hour or so of allotted time. Making sure in between to-dos I schedule breaks, exercise, a meal, or fun activity to help motivate me. Completing tasks I'm not looking forward to, anxious about, or due first helps me feel productive and less stressed.
Albina A.
Engaging in deep work without distractions for a preset amount of time.
Thiago T.
Taking care of things as they arise. Waiting to address an issue or complete a task can build up on us and thus result in negative feelings and intentions. It is always better to stop and do something necessary and go back to work, when you can. Or ensure it gets done the same day, when possible. Me? I write things down on a neverending list. My goal is complete as many things on that list every day. Less stress, less worry, anxiety vanishes, and things don’t pile up. Can even write a deadline next to a list item. Hope this was helpful.
Erik F.
One thing I do is list down all my tasks so I don't have to worry about what to do next. Therefore freeing my mind to do more important things like the task at hand.
Fernando U.
Seeing the fun in what I do and remembering the positive feelings I experienced the last time I did a fun and productive task.
Ma L T.
Planning and blocking out time for the important activities.
Roland J.
Changing environments — I am most productive when I leave my home (or other place of comfort) and go somewhere else (i.e., coffee shop, library, park) to get things done. I bring only what I need, which limits distractions. The new surroundings also help to avoid many negative habits that prevent productivity at home.