How to you kick start of your work, especially when it’s boring

Vanessa E.
Work can be made interesting by having multiple ways of doing work, taking different activities as break from boring and finally celebrating commitment to self.
Tyler Z.
I can usually kick start my work by listening to music or listening to soothing sounds like rain or etc. I believe these things put me in a position of focus. When something may not necessarily be fun or be intellectually stimulating.
Lmees O.
I remind myself of why I am doing it and what are the benefits of doing it
I might reward myself if I did it this helps sometimes
L On A.
Make it less boring by joining it to an enjoying habit, for example: if studying is boring foryou , pack your books and go to park or nature to study, or gather your friends and study in group.
Good luck my friend;)
Anna C.
Not every aspect of the work will be boring. So I start with learning about my task, trying to find anything that might interest me. Eventually I find something in my task that interests me and so I pursue it and it leads me towards finding interest in the remaining task. I keep working on what interests me and eventually lead my way to completing the trash
尾崎 真由美 N.
Think about how you feel when you accomplish something. You feel nice and satisfied. Then feel it keep it you can get it after everything will be done
Bertram E.
I tend to procrastinate a lot. A good way to start is to divide a big task into several little ones. When it’s smaller you can trick yourself into starting it and you won’t even notice.
Holly N.
I make an outline or a checklist of actions that constitute the entire task. It gets more engaging if you’re filling out a skeleton of information into a story or checking things off a list.
Erin Z.
I actually struggle with this a lot too, and dont have a good answer other than just only do 25 min, and force yourself…
Will O.
Commit to 25 minutes of work without distraction. Chances are you'll feel more engaged after that. If that sounds too much, try 10, or even 5 minutes. The key is to get your mind to realise it's not that bad. After which it becomes easier.
Sharon La Y.
Hmmmm just do it!! Lol I’m kidding. Well, try to break it into different smaller tasks and have a reward for yourself after you accomplish each.
Kailey F.
Start off with the hardest thing first. Tackle it head on and once you get it done, you’ll be able to breeze through the easier stuff. When you actually begin your hard task, take a deep breath, focus your attention solely on the task in front of you, put away all other distractions (I hide my phone), and brainstorm on how to approach the task to be the most efficient. For example, when I study for a big test, I make a check list of all the topics I want to cover.

I hope this helps! Good Luck!

Liam Z.
In some mornings, even I feel very unmotivated and unproductive. I find looking at the mirror and giving myself a pep talk really helping me boost my energy first thing in the morning. It gets me excited to start my day. Other than that, I always start my day with excersise, yoga, simple stretches or meditation. It helps my body be more movable rather than stiff and I can get more things done. I would also recommend doing this early in the morning because that's the time when the mind is most active once the body is awake!!
Ruth R.
I visualize it. I imagine every step of working on it until completion of the task (that gives you the impression that it won't take that long or it won't be that complicated). And then I visualize how I will when it's done. Then count to 5 backwards and get up and do it! Also, plan it out, if you add your deep work session to your daily "to do list" and deconstruct it in small tasks (again, helps you visualize), you are more likely to achieve it.