How can I increase my productivity while studying?

Darryl Q.
I depends on the type if study I have to do. If it's reading than I don't see any other option but finding a quite place with no distractions.
If I need to work I usually like to put some background noise. There are many sites and apps providing background noise for concentration.

Gon Ala Z.
I write down all my distraction and promise myself to get back to them after a certain time. Make sure I do my morning routine so that I can already have a feeling of accomplishment before I start on a new task.
Focus on what task I was able to complete instead on what I was not able to do.
Set realistic goals.

Norman J.
Do not summarize – take notes as bullets that you can imagine referring to later or using to teach the key concepts to another person. Use questions to quiz yourself. Draw pictures to connect concepts that link together across multiple areas. Talk about what you learn, or even better, teach it or present it at a higher stakes situation.

Pamela P.
Remove any type of distractions from you. Phones, laptop, if you need music use non lyrical types. Rewriting your notes helps you to remember important points and helps you stay focused. Take small 10 min breaks every hour. After a while reward yourself with your favorite book, tv show, or food for an hour then get back to work!

Bogdan R.
Start with one task I take the smallest then work up to the biggest. I find taking on a huge task causes anxiety. I use a timer to get things done. I also receive notifications from Fabulous when to complete tasks.😇

Brian U.
Eliminate all distractions, work in 20 minute sections, as the average concentration span only lasts for 20 minutes. After each 20 minutes take a break, exercise get fresh air, then sit down and set yourself to work hard for another 20 minutes. Make a to-do list for each 20 minute block and award yourself if you tick off everything on the to-do list. Most of all think of the goal, the end result whether it be getting an A* in an exam or finishing a task before a deadline, think of what you want to feel like when you get the results and work, work, work towards that goal. Perseverance!! You can do it!! Aim high, no excuses, work hard and reward yourself for victory's.