What was the best advice you ever received on being productive?

Meghan X.
Plan the night before and have clarity of what you're doing.
Clayton O.
do NOT multi-task
if a large task, break into small chunks and complete in pieces if necessary
avoid distraction, make a note of ideas/ issues; handle as needed when current portion of task is finished
multi-tasking is inefficient and unproductive
Francesca B.
It can't be only one I think it's like building a valiable value of commetment to your plans and improve it I think the most valuable advice was the first one about drinking water and also I like grateful practice and also deep work steps
Marceau O.
Break the task down into small manageable pieces. Give yourself rewards. If you get stuck with something don't spend too long on it – move on and come back to it later.
Kathi E.
Keep a list of things you can do in different situations: waiting for something, online, at work, errands. Then do things when you're in that situation.
Elisa T.
If you have one big task that you’re avoiding, let yourself do all the small tasks that you suddenly feel compelled to do in order to avoid it. Stopping yourself from following those impulses and forcing yourself to focus on the one task at hand often doesn’t work. Atleast you can get something done, feel productive, and if you don’t end up doing the task, atleast you’ve accomplished other things you needed to do anyway.
Charlie E.
Define what you want. Define your time increment. Clear distractions. Work in that time increment. Take occasional breaks and mark your progress. Spend bulk of time working in those time increments.
Jacob Z.
The advice that it is often better to just start writing things down and create a draft version of your work instead of wanting to create a perfect version right away. That last option often leads to slower progress.
Florent Z.
The Eisenhower quadrant of importance versus urgency. Then doing pomodoro technique on the important stuff every day despite the urgent stuff.
Ruby C.
You always feel better when you have been productive. It helps you feel more deserving of the rest.
Jeremiah N.
This one was suggested by my Dad.
He calls it “Incentive induced productivity”.
Fix the number of hours you want to work in a day. After you complete the number of hours you have fixed, you can spend the rest of your time for doing something fun.
Doing this makes you wake up early in the morning, complete your tasks, and have fun. This is better than taking breaks between work and ending up feeling like you were working the whole day.
Note : It is important that you plan what you will do in your fun time to keep you motivated
Luis N.
my best advice was to not give up. To keep up on my goals every day.