How can you motivate yourself to stay in your deep work session every day, even if you have a lot other things to do besides and feel like you don’t have time for it?

Sebastian E.
When that kind of situation happens to me, I search for inspiration, I self reflect on the things I love to do and want to learn or improve. I adjust or change what I choose to focus on for my deep work and I make it a priority, devote time to further develop that skill as part of my life, it becomes my lifestyle. Plus I remind myself why I am doing this work in the first place. I do deep focus work to keep up the momentum of being able to fully engage in what I am doing, to practice having my awareness fully awake and engaged, and to be able to flow along in my work without resistance but instead experience connection with insight. I practice deep focused work to improve my character of Being, my state of mind, and the quality and value of my work and my life and energy. Energy flows where focused attention goes and when that train of thought energy is focused, it gathers momentum and attracts more thought energy waves that are in likeness, thus causing both hemispheres of the brain and the heart to move into a state of harmony and connection which changes brain and body chemistry and brain neural connections. All which allows for the improvement of ones quality of life.

Tracy Z.
Because ultimately you’re not going to get everything done you need finished. You can only do what you can, so prioritize and trust that the One who is Lord of all your work and life will make it all work out according to His good plan.