I am struggling to maintain my work habit at the same hour, do you have any tips?

Abram S.
Headphones to block out noise, prepare enough work, let some one know that your just going to focus on something for X time, if possible book yourself into a meeting room.
Aaron Q.
I have made sure I book this alarm for a natural cadence in my day rather than forcing it. Because the alarm comes up around the time that I usually am returning from lunch or a meeting, I am usually still able to make some changes to my plans for the day at this stage. I also make sure that I am always reassessing whether this is still the right time to do this check in, as well as whether I am still ticking off habits that are beneficial to me. It is more important to me to maintain a few small habits that I can use as an anchor for others that I want to add, rather than trying to learn too many new habits at once and getting distracted.