I’m always prepping and planning, but how do I know when a good time to take action is?

Teod Sio C.
I would think that depends on what it is. Are you planning for an emergency or to clean? The more we tune into our own soul, the more our intuition will tell us (the Holy Spirit within) when it is time to take action. We must self nurture and stay able to hear that still small voice of prompting to know. That is the challenge. Staying tuned in to one’s own.
Noemie O.
Well if you’re prepped and planned, the best thing to do is act on what you have done. The best part of making a plan and preparing to make it happen is to complete the project. There’s joy in completing something.
Selma G.
Do you prepare for deep work before you start? Sometimes by the time I have everything I need gathered the time is almost up.
Alan Y.
Whatever moment you are in right now is a good time to take action. There is never a perfect moment or a right time to do something, so don't wait for one. Do whatever you can in each moment, don't get caught up in planning and forget to actually live your plans
Tina G.
It’s always a good time to take action 💪🏼 When you’ve set your to-do list and made your desk clean and free from distractions and put a bottle of water on it, nothing can’t stop you. It’s unnecessary to be planning infinitely. At a certain point you just have to start, after that you’ll be able to adjust your planning if necessary
Aaron Y.
I guess anytime is a good time to start. The sooner the better.

Even if it's little, any step towards the goals you have set moves you forward on the right direction.

All goals are like a marathon, it takes time and dedication, but no marathon have been finished without taking the first step.

Isaiah E.
Depends! If it’s something you know is good, do it now! If you aren’t sure then wait until it is 10xcheaper, 10xfaster, or 10xbetter.
Janos J.
I just picked a time mid afternoon when I had nothing booked in and told myself that a short period of focus was manageable. It passed on no time and I had ticked off some important tasks
Dieter P.
Check calendars with anyone else or other events (work, trips) that might be connected to your event to whittle down a good start time. Next, pick when you want to start, on a calendar, commit to it, and even think about how you'll start, what you need to start, how much time will it take, and what it will look like to start (might look messy at first). Then commit to your start time, schedule it, and just know you will be doing it at that allotted time. (I have the same tendency, mixed with procrastination! )