What do you do when your task takes longer than 25 minutes?

Chloe E.
Just take as long as you need. You don't have to stop when the timer runs out. Just take your time and live life to the fullest.

Marie Z.
If my task takes longer I go with it. Especially if I'm feeling motivated, I tend to do good work. The 25 minute time period is just a motivation trick to help me to get I to the groove of working.

Salom O Z.
Usually I use the “Just Get Started” Deep Work task, and I end up working longer. It’s okay to not stop working when the timer completes, as long as what you’re doing is productive and you feel like working more.

Anna C.
Take longer to complete but as soon as your mind begins to get a bit tired, take a 5-10 min break and resume for another 25 min.

Herman N.
Depending on the task itself, i turn on music. It helps me to concentrate as well as give me ways to break up the monotony of time.

Norman B.
It depends. If you are pedantic about ticking boxes, then change the task duration or see more than one 25 min box. Otherwise, count it as 25+min task or basically a longish task.

Mason O.
You don't have to have t timer running in the app the entire time you are working. Holding yourself accountable is what really matters. I don't even wait for the timer to count down. I check off the habit when I begin working.

Hailey J.
I just keep going until it's finished, unless there's another task that needs to be started at a certain time. I'm actually someone who gets so lost in my work that I forget eating and drinking. So yeah.. I'd rather need a reminder to stop working now and then.

Nicky J.
I don’t actually set a timer. Most of my tasks take >25 minutes. I just set a task and complete it. But I’m retired and I get to choose my tasks so that may not work for you. In which case I’d say take a break. Reward yourself but set a time limit. Then finish your task.
You could also ask yourself if it should be taking >25 minutes. If not, are you truly focused? If so, estimate better how long it should take and set a longer timer. There’s nothing that special about 25 minutes. Grownups can focus longer than that. Or they used to be able to… good luck!!👍🏼

Seth J.
I ignore the timer and just keep going if I'm on a roll with my task. I mark it completed after I finish the task so I don't get distracted by my phone.