Do you have a Ritual for ending your work day?

Isabella Z.
As I'm leaving I take a deep breath say Today is a good day and now "I'm outta here!"
August B.
I don’t have a ritual per say in ending my work day, because I don’t have a typical “work” schedule. I do love to draw a hot bath (I do bathe twice a day, everyday) but after I’ve taken my bath or shower, I turn off all my lights, light a candle on my nightstand and disconnect from my phone. I’ll breathe slowly and just think and write down everything I’m grateful for that happened to me that day. I’ve been doing this “ritual” for the past 4 months and it’s improved my overall mood and perspective through each day because it’s something that I look forward to after my days have been really long. I appreciate so many little things that I hadn’t seen I was maybe taking for granted.
Lena Y.
Well i dont really. But i probably should have one. The moment time gets to a point where i need to stop working i see i could close all work windows, stop checking email, go have a walk or go to garden almost like walking home from work and when i reenter the house i could be ready to start my other half of day – go to studio, practice piano, paint half a day all those things i never really allow my self to do anymore because apparently theyre wrong useless and im not being productive just lazy….. 🙁 that still hurts so much
Gloria N.
I do, if I can fit it in. At 4pm I wash my reuseable cup and tupperware, pack my backpack, and use the restroom. Then I focus hard to finish my last tasks of the day. I try to leave in time to avoid heavy traffic, around 4:45pm. Sometimes I will leave a small task for when I get home so I can make sure all work was completed but I'm not stuck at the office or stuck in traffic longer than need be. If it can wait I do it first thing the next morning. This keeps me refreshed and lowers stress levels for me. I do not stay at the office if I really do not have to.
Caroline P.
By the end of a work day I am usualy to tired. But I try to clean and tidy up, read, be greatful, sit and think. If I am too tired to contemplate in the evening I try to do it in the morning while drinking my water.
Lily E.
Absolutely! Perhaps the most important way to end your work day is to reflect on what tasks you need to start on tomorrow. Spend five minutes reviewing the day, and what you’d hoped to accomplish – what important tasks didn’t get done? What urgently needs doing tomorrow? Break very large tasks down into 25-30 min sub-tasks.
Then narrow down your list to just three priority items, and believe that these are the three things you’ll achieve tomorrow. Yes, there might be distractions and urgent emails – but by aiming for just three items, you have a full workday to accomplish them.
Finally, decide which of the three tasks you will do first and leave a note or reminder to yourself. When you arrive in the morning, do this item first thing – before you check emails, before you pick up your phone, before you look at the news, perhaps before you even make a coffee! What can you achieve? End your day by deciding how to start the next one.
All the best!
Kazim E.
Yes. With this ritual I can relax by doing yoga and showering, then I "disconnect and unplug" from my electronic devices and read until I'm sleepy.
Andreo P.
My work and study are all on my laptop. So the best thing to do at the end of the day is to unplug from all electronics and go socialize or star gaze(my hobby).