How do you deal with tiredness at work? Of course the obvious answer is to get more sleep but at that moment in time, you’re already at work, so what do you do?

Matt J.
I like to use an app called “focus” which has a timer that has you focusing for 60 minutes then gives you a short break followed by another 60 minutes and then a long break…. I find that dividing the day up like that helps it feel less daunting. And having a timer in front of me puts that little bit of pressure on me that I need to be productive. It’s amazing how much easier and more productive I am for 60 minutes at a time instead of when it feels like I have a whole day.
George S.
Drink a lot of water and coffee. It happens often too me as well. I hate it. Drinking more water makes you go moren often to the bathroom (move frequently) so it helps not to fall asleep, literally
J Rio P.
Do you love your job. That should answer it. If yes and you are still too tired, maybe you are skipping breakfast or having a bad sleep or no exercise. There may be other reasons too. Try to create a healthy routine. If your answer no to the original question, just look for another job. That should do it
Sara C.
I drink a lot of water, maybe go for a short walk in the fresh air. Then I try to get the most important thing which weighs me down done. After that the tiredness often doesn’t seem as bad anymore.
Tammy F.
When ever you’re feeling tired, stand up, walk around and have a bit of a stretch. Try to change the pace and task you’re doing. Maybe speak to a colleague for a while and drink lots of water, eat a healthy snack (nuts, fruit, carrots with hummous). Sugary foods etc is probably what you’re craving to give you the energy boost, but actually once the sugar is absorbed, you’ll have a slump again, maybe even worse than before.

Try and see how it goes.

Emmie Z.
I have a few techniques- one is to shift my energy. If ive been at the computer and am feeling super tired I might turn my chair around and do a 5-10 minute meditation while looking out the window or some other change in my vantage point. I might also get up and move around. Depending on how my time allows that could Ben a quick walk to somewhere else in the building or maybe it’s a 2 minute dance break – silliness can do a lot for energy. Last…. I’m not a regular caffeine drinker-so if I’m really tired I will turn to sodas, tea or coffee for the effect of alertness
Wanda J.
If I feel really tired at work and need to perk up I take a break, go for a walk, and grab a cup of my choice of caffeine.
Jeremy J.
I feel your struggle. I used to feel (and still sometimes do) very fatigued at work. The answer for me is exercise. Exercise also helped me sleep well which created a small positive feedback loop. Exercise reduces fatigue by 60% according to Fabulous. If I am not mistaken.