How can i learning english as far as possible ?

Zainab A.
Practicing and speaking the language with other people, surrounding your self with the language by watching tv shows, programs, YouTube, and even search about what intrest you in english, Then write down all the new vocabularies, idioms, and phrases to memorize them and use them in your next conversations and first of all you need to learn the grammers.

Darlyn P.
Communicate with someone in english, hopefully one who speaks fluent english or who is a little better than you. Movies and books may help a little but nothing beats having actual english conversations

Sophie O.
Practice. Listen to movies, series or podcast in English. Put the subtitles on to help you learn new words. Read articles or books can also help you improve your English and your vocabulary. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes when you talk or write to someone, that is part of the learning experience

Luis T.
Try to be aware about your your initial point and then be like a child. Naturally we learn languages since we are babies and children so we automatically need to use same strategies to make easier and faster the learning process of a language. For example to don be shy to ask, or to repeat something even if for adults it's funny. Children and babies don't feel ridiculous cause they repeat or say not with the perfect entonation or pronunciations. That opportunity for mistakes allow them to be in a safe space where to play and experience with the languages.

Victoire P.
As a native English speaker this is a bit hard to answer! When I was learning French it was immensely helpful to read French children's books, and watch French news as I was studying the language. Patience and commitment!

Grace E.
Depends if you want to learn English as fast as possible, then try some courses. If you want to improve your English, try watching videos without subtitles. Hope I helped you. Have a nice day 🙂

Skibby G.
It's impossible to learn a language really fast and become fluent in it. I suggest taking official English classes, language learning apps, or simply try to read/speak in English. These are just tips, but don't expect to make quick progress unless you dedicate a lot of your time.

Core N.
I'm Spanish and I speak fluently 5 languages. I would say watching TV series and listening to it using Netflix, etc. It's even better when you use subtitles in English rather than your mother tongue. Hope it helps!

N Dia O.
Use every resource in your power, make your day about it. By this I mean watch TV/podcasts/radio on English, switch your devices' language to English and surround yourself as much as you can with English. I especially recommend to read books since you can come across a lot of new vocabulary and see how it is used.

Paul G.
Watch kids programs in English, Sesame Street, and kids cartoons are a fun way to learn. Make some bilingual friends and try talking in mixed English. Support is the fastest way to learn. I’ve learned the most Spanish by using it more at work and asking my colleagues and friends to speak to me only in Spanish. It’s hard sometimes, but worth it.

Shirlei G.
I would recommend completing a course online or through mature age schooling. Another option is to download English learning apps.

Zia U.
Starting off with English kids cartoon would be the best choice. That will help you to understand how a particular language can be spoken. Listening is important as I said. Then, try what you learned from listening by speaking. You can learn the rest of the basics easily after following the steps mentioned above.

Lynn Y.
Don’t set your goals too high. It’s better to think, I just want to speak well enough to communicate what I want to others in everyday life. The best practice is through using it with people who accept you. Make friends who speak English, sign up for a pen pal, or a mutual learning program.

Khushi C.
Best way to learn english start reading habit it will boost ur concentration and it will help u in many ways. Start writing in english in a book. Then go to any classes or something. Thanks…

Ares G N.
Para mí leer y consumir productos en inglés es la mejor forma de aprender. Que todo cuanto veas en TV sea en ingles y sin subtitulos. Comienza a leer y usa un diccionario para lo que no entiendas.

Mimi N.
Speak, speak, speak, speak. You need to get rid of the fear od making mistakes. Speak to people and listen to their answers. If you dont know why they phrase a certain sentence the way they just did, ask them. Feel the language. Experiment. Ask people, if thats the way you could say something and then present them with a phrase you came up with. Ask people to correct you.
Talk but also carefully listen. Because its from listening to the spoken word that you will gain the most insight into a language

Mia Z.
Install Duolingo, try having your phone or some apps on English language so it can be easier to study. Buy some books or go on instructions. Good luck!

Khushi C.
You mean u want to learn English as soon as possible so I have number of my teachers they are very nice that teachers always helps me in fact u can learn many things from them I am telling you this coz I have learning many things from them try that u will be happy forever and u will learn English soon just practice. Practice ! Practise practice! Let's do this!

Klaus G Nter B.
What you could do is watch a television 📺 show you like thats in English and put your captions on in settings in your language if helpful OR in English, in order to line certain words up. Also, you can pause the show, rewind or fast-forward. This way you have ample time to learn and observe what words & phrases are most important to your learning education! P.S. Have confidence that your trying & really thats all that matters anyways!

Leopoldo G.
My advice to learn english as a beginner is to start studying some basic grammar and then watching children videos or cartoon with subtitles.

Hanseul X.
Shadowing really helps. Pick a TV show that you like and just repeat after the lines over and over again. I would personally recommend short youtube clips with its duration less than 10 minutes. It could be a v-log or a clip from talk shows, interviews, movies and so on. Motivational speeches done by some famous figures are also a good choice. And then most importantly don’t forget to practice and make it your own! Try an online chat room or an app where you can talk to people using english with common interests. And the last but not least, always appreciate and pat yourself on the back for the progress you have made. Remember learning foreign language is a never ending journey. Be aware not to fall in a trap of seeking perfection. Wish you the best of luck! Have a great day.

Meggie L.
Expose yourself to the language as much as possible. Books, magazines, movies, TV shows, interviews. But most importantly of all, talk to people who are fluent in English and try to surround yourself with those people.

Clara W.
Maybe we can make a small habit like read a book and after that speaks in english with our family or friends and the most important thing is speak english with someone that really good at english