What are the creative ways you use to block your distractions?

Emily Andersen
My phone is on perpetual do not disturb so that others won’t distract me. I put my phone in a small bag and slightly out of reach so I won’t distract myself.

Jonathan Sørensen
One of my creative ways was to put my Earphones in as if I’m listening to music and turn my tv off . This usually helps me to zone out and focus on the main important thing , which for me right now is my property and causality exam coming up soon. I get so lost in my studies that when I realize how late or long I’ve been studying and pull the headphones out, I’m in such shock I stayed in a nice quite place the whole time . Make sure there are no distractions anywhere and if you do need a little noise try to listen to something your working on or studying something to keep you still focused and motivated. Make sure the volume is low and you can hear yourself think. I hope this was helpful

Dale Adams
I actually put in headphone and put on a podcast and it really helps me to focus on my work. Also I sometimes move to a space where I am by myself so I can really focus.

Tracy Ruiz
Well, I love to accomplish things. So I made it a game. When I allow something or even some distract me I lose points my goal whenever I am doing my deep work I have to have 100 point so I can get a snack.

Nolan Willis
If I need to focus, I’ll put on distant thunderstorm sounds! The sound of rain is calming to me, but the spread out bouts of thunder freaks me out, so I feel relaxed while working but also pressure to finish the task at hand so I can turn it off.

Dionaura Da costa
Actually, I'm not sure if I know of any? I normally just go in my room or play music when I'm exercising. Maybe I should ask this question?