How did you set up a morning routine? What motivated you to get out of bed early in the morning?

Lloyd T.
First thing, when I wake up I try to find three things in my life I am grateful for. Then I set my intentions for the day ahead.
Lance Z.
My morning routine requires my to mentally and physically challange myself to change. I ask myself, "are you happy with who you are?" If not then, "how can you move forward to change the things in your life to make you love yourself more?" If you are "what do you need to do to remain in this state of love?"
Lo S C.
I set the alarm to 10 min before my wake up time. And after it sounds; I take my time to wake up slowly and I play my morning playlist as soon as I get out of the bed.
Amir F.
Still working on setting up the morning routine, after the first try I ajusted the routine in order to be more realistic and capable to set it up. My motivation comes from love for life. Living the daily basics looking further for the future, seeing every day as a new beginning, full of learning, kindness and joy. Taking care of myself brings me to this way of seeing and living life. Happy with the present, moving good energy around.