What can I include in my deep work apart from study and physical activity???

Axelle Q.
Creativity! Anything you plan to create.

In a broader sense: anything that is a required stepping stone for the person you want to be in 6 months.

Lorenzo N.
It’s your deep work, so include anything you feel was actual dedicated time towards a goal you have either future or that day.

I would simply ask yourself, Did I block distractions during that time, stay focused, and accomplish what I set to accomplish?

Perfect. You can count it as deep work for yourself. There’s really no wrong thing you can include; just things you may not feel are considered deep work in your own eyes. If that’s true, don’t cheat yourself and make time for deep work. Just make sure you give yourself credit where credit is due.

I personally classify deep work as any course studies, time spent reading non-fiction, visualization or meditation that can help my future business goals, or actual time spent building my business.

I hope that helps!

Eline E.
Maybe a hobby or practice for a certain skill. My to do is usually what guides my deep work sessions as priorities change over the weeks.

Axelle A.
I include any that I do where I’m not being distracted. This includes playing cards and other games with friends. If I’m only concentrating on the activity I’m doing that’s deep work.

Signe Z.
Major spring cleaning (make some money on stuff you don't use), gardening, volunteering your skills to benefit someone else (write a business proposal for someone), hit the street… pick up litter.

Nilson Q.
Personally, I include my actual work that I do professionally in my deep work sessions. But if you aren’t yet employed and still studying, why don’t you use the deep work time to work on yourself? Use it to journal, paint, read a book or do something that improves you and/ or makes you feel fulfilled. Self development is a crucial part of staying healthy mentally. So dedicate some of the deep work time to you!

Hope that helps.