Do you believe 5min breaks are distracting and a work session should be one long stretch of deep focused work or that they are helpful?

Christian U.
I think that 5 min breaks after 30 to 45 min’s are good to get the blood flowing etc.
Edouard Y.
It depends. If the work session is less than 30 minutes then breaks in between are distracting. If it's more than 30 minutes it's better to take breaks for less than 5 minutes to refocus.
Magnus F.
I believe it depends on your current work flow, if you’re not getting things done and just stressing, rest! But if you’ve got momentum, don’t stop it.
Shelly W.
I think I am afraid I will get distracted if I take a short break and either I will end up stretching and taking too long a break or will just follow my imterest or passion and not go back and finish the task. Good question – thanks.
Kimberly W.
It depends entirely on whether you are in a mental groove and what is involved in the break. If you are in a flow state a break might disrupt it. If you are trying to get to a flow state a break from trying to force one might help.
But likely not if it involves the internet. If you go online the chance of losing far more than 5 min to it is high. Much better to physically get up and move around.
Jar T.
One of the ways I try to make best use of focused work intervals is to first plan the work into chunks that I can complete within the intervals I’m using. That helps minimize my need to stretch an interval out and use my planned break to clear my mind and start in fresh on the next deep focus interval.
Friedrich Wilhelm F.
Yes. I tend to lose the momentum and mindflow after a break, or my focus turns to something else during the 5 minute break and continues on that something else. However, a 5 minute break also allows a refresher which is probably also why I usually do not feel it important or urgent anymore to go back to what I was doing before the break.
Victoria Z.
I like working for a long period of time, or until a long and/or task has been completed. The break is the reward, but a timed one, before going back to work.
Sofia R.
I think it depends on the type of work you are doing. For example, if you are doing a repetitive or constant task that is the same during a period of time I think it’s good to have breaks of 5 minutes every hour or half an hour. On the other hand, sometimes the type of task can be more inconsistent or inspirational depending, such as writing a novel or designing. In this case I think it’s better to make the breaks if you need them and if you feel inspired don’t interrupt the session. Deep work sessions needs to be fluid because we are fluid beeings too, not programmed machines
Sheryl A.
For most of the work I do, personally and professionally, a 5 minute break is catastrophic for my productivity. It's helpful when switching between tasks, or once or twice a day just to avoid burnout. They are also helpful if I'm getting overwhelmed. But constant distractions make my life difficult and are the bane of my existence.
Camila Z.
For me it really depends on the work I'm doing. If it's something I'm dreading, or it's not a project that I'm motivated to do… If I'm fighting the work the entire time, setting up five minute breaks as a reward is helpful. Sometimes stepping back for a minute and seeing what you HAVE done so far can be encouraging. Maybe Teddy Roosevelt wouldn't do it, but he's not me. In painting, you need to step back from your work to gain fresh perspective and direction. It's necessary. It works for me.
Alexander Z.
I think breaks are ok as long as they aren't a distraction. If you need a bathroom break or drink of water, go for it. Just try to avoid distractions that will derail your progress, such as phone calls, email, social media,and the other things that regularly sabotage our days. I also like to set a timer that will periodically buzz. I find that it helps bring me back if I'm wandering a bit mentally. I also believe the timer creates a sense of urgency similar to taking a timed test. The timer helps me better balance quantity vs quality output.
Frida W.
I think this depends on every person, for how long you can stay focused at a time. For me personally I think a 5 min pause between 25 min work sessions is a good thing.
M Lvin N.
When in deep concentration best to not have breaks to disrupt thought. A break may be needed and good if start losing focus or spinning your mental wheels.
Amir S.
It depends on every person. I would need at least a 10minute break every 30mins of deep focus, since I can’t focus on one thing for too long. If i dont take that break, there’s a higher chance that my brain would stop working perfectly for the assignments i was doing. Short breaks gives ur mind some rest, but long breaks can distract u from ur original activity. So, if you’re doing something that requires a lot of focus, take a short 10 minute break to relax ur body every once in a while. If it isn’t, then take a 3-5mins break to loosen up a bit.