How long do u stay away from technology?

Roriz Ferreira
I don't Spend a lot of Time on my phone but I could do better I have a Spanish app on my phone and I try to use my technology to improve myself my tablet I have a Bible app which I read every night I have a few games on my phone that I love to play but I love to read I find it a great distraction and it keeps me away from technology for a while I have to be outside it's very relaxing and fun I like to combine the two and read outside I spend about 2 No 3 hours on my phone I think per day cuz I also use it to wind down and I know screens is not always a good thing how to end your day on but I listen to an audio drama every night and I only listen to it at night and so it's sort of triggers my brain to think oh this is time to sleep this is time to wind down

Clara Madsen
The question reframed would be: how often do I use my phone or laptop (the only two devices I have). Well, I use fabulous every morning to start my morning routine. Of course I check the news, WhatsApp and the weather forecast straight away. After this I come to my yoga routine. I use YouTube for this. At this point youTube shows to be a distraction every day.The rest of the day, technology is no big deal to me. Whenever needed I put my deep work ritual on to stay focused. If I'd want to improve my mornings I'll have to go to bed in time so I have the energy to get out at seven pm. Second, it would speed things up if i'd go straight to my morning routine. After deep work, I can take an intermezzo with WhatsApp, the news and the weather forecast. Let's try! I'm pretty content with the technology in my life to be honest.