What if I just can’t seem to focus during deep work?

Елена Соловьёва N.
Hi! Good day to you! Thank you for the question. As four me I suppose that I can’t focus on work, if I don’t feel that my previous effort was rewarded enough. I’m so sorry for myself – “I have worked so hard I deserve some rest and fun”. If it’s true for you – try to get up earlier and do everything what you like (browsing, posting, watching, reading) before the working day would start. Hope it will help! Have a good day!
Fred E.
Practice, practice, and yep practice. Maybe you're picking too long of a time, try with a shorter time before you take a short break. During your break don't do anything meant to be distracting like social media or entertainment. Walk around for 5 mins, do 10 push-ups, brush your teeth, look up a word in a dictionary that you just came across. Reassess your goal behind the deep work, make it into an affirmation. Also perhaps you're in a busy or cluttered area. Clean the space or try using the library. I don't use them but noise canceling headphones do some people wonders!
Wafaa U.
You have to cut your trigger and think about the work only
Focus on your goal of your deep work , why you are working deeply !