What is your hack for doing deep work, especially when you have to do a task that isn’t very interesting?

Connor Webb
Put your devices on do not disturb and set a timer for thirty minutes. Getting tired of working and looking at the clock with small amount of time left encourages me to finish up strong.

Darrell Reid
Every facet of life is highly nuanced. Things that seem uninteresting are really just a projection of our internal value system. My key for tapping into the deep work energy, is to take a moment and evaluate the nuances of what is in front of me. Some times deep work is spending incredible engaging time with your pet. Other times it’s filling out a form. Evaluating your reasons for doing something, Why it is a task in front of you, and what it truly is can start to extrapolate interesting parts. But ultimately, deep focus comes down to prioritizing. You have to fully commit. Saying I will do such and such is helpful for me to hone in.