What is the best way to clear your mind every morning and start a productive day?

Hanife E.
Stay present. Don't move your mind too far forward and spend a little time in the moment – in meditation, with breath work, doing yoga. Whatever it is, focus yourself to this time and this time only before the day begins and before and once it does, do not catastrophise / expect the worse – go in with peace and serenity knowing that whatever may come your way, you will deal with it and move on.
Ricky A.
Smile at the starting of day and at least spend one hour alone discovering and enjoying your self.
Lea Z.
Listen to one or two songs and just concentrate on them as you are en route to your workplace. Think about the songs. Walk into your workplace, set your water bottle, favourite coffee and a snack. Now just think what’s the first task you want to do.
Ma L E.
Have a bottle of water by the bed. Write a pre remembering journal with positive affirmations and do 5-10 min meditative yoga/,Tai chi practice
Tristan A.
Repeat these words everyday as soon as you wake up, " I WILL BE HAPPY FOR THE WHOLE DAY. NOBODY EXCEPT MYSELF HAS THE POWER TO MAKE OR BREAK MY GO0D MOOD." Then take a few breaths and you're ready to rock the day !
Sherri Q.
drinking a glass of water to jumpstart your day and a 10-minute meditation along with exercise for 25 minutes.
Elliot Y.
Meditate and set priorities for the day. I think a mantra that reviews my values – discipline, hard work, creativity – that then connnects them with my Fabulous rituals.
Kathy J.
To avoid hitting the snooze yet button! Better yet put your alarm away from the bed where it will force you to get up right away and drink water with a squeeze of lemon 🙂 breathing exercises, yoga, and meditation. It doesn't have to be an hour, but every day for at least 10 minutes help. Anything to get you into your body and in a state of nonreactivity and openness before interaction with the 3D world.
Josefine U.
I don't know. I personally read the tiny posts by the mirror when I go to brush every morning. I keep a tiny note in a frame in which I have written positive sayings. I read them once while I brush. Then sometimes I do breathing exercise and clench and unclench my fists, to relax myself then I look out of the window and quietly observe nature. Watch the birds singing in on tree and lil puppies playing around my garden is enough to clear my mind and make me happy.
Urias P.
You need to meditate ASAP. I like to have a bit of time right after waking up to clear my head, decide on my goals, and then do a quick meditation session just to cement it in.
Melanie E.
I go through my morning ritual which is pretty detailed which takes about 25 minutes to complete while sipping on my coffee. It includes going through my todo’s and writing my 3 most import tasks labeled abc and 3 others which are labeled 123. After that I go for an intense workout and return home ready and energized to go after my day.
Mary P.
For me, I’ve found that doing a morning run or walk helps clear my mind to have a productive day. In that I’m able to talk to God, or listen to my favorite motivating podcast or just light calming music while on my run/walk. Afterwards I eat a healthy breakfast and it brings me to a high level of productivity; I’m ready to tackle anything that comes my way. When I began doing this every morning, I found that not only did my energy increase, but so did my ability to stay focused and organized.
Naja Y.
I try to start every morning by meditating while listening to a motivational video. Those 5 or 10 minutes leave me feeling calmer and more eager to take on the day.
Robin U.
Drink cold water immediately after wake up, then wash my face and brush my teeth.
Julia C.
With a bottle of water, 10 half star jumps and a 5 to 10 minute routine of yoga and Tai Chi.
Beth P.
Personally, I take time every morning to sit, bleary-eyed with a glass of water and a paper notebook to write my to do list. That helps me get my tasks for the day sorted and wake up a bit before everything starts. I try not to touch my phone until I'm dressed or I end up in a twitter wormhole and never get sorted.