How does one avoid temptations like sugary breakfasts and distracting sites in the first hours after waking up?

Freddie Z.
I try not to keep sugary food in the house or at least not have easy access. When I wake up, I just do a few things to really wake my body up then start working on my priority actions. I will not do anything else until I'm finished.
Dolores F.
Make sure you turn off the internet for your phone or your computer before you go to bed (even better: turn off the router) and then you can't be tempted to look at distracting sites in the morning. To avoid a sugary breakfast, it's best to plan ahead. Decide what you want to have, at least the night before. Then, make sure you have the ingredients ready and good to go. You could even make a smoothie or something the night before! Then it is as easy as getting it out of the fridge. Fabulous also makes it easy to avoid distractions if you make sure you do your routines straight away and not have breaks in between, because it is training your mind to do the task as soon as you see the screen come up. Before something like a deep work session, make sure to block any distractions you think you might have. See if you can block apps like Facebook (if that's a problem) for a short time, or put your phone on silent. Hope this helps!
Anne Marie H.
I turn off wifi day eaelier before going to sleep. I have laser focus on my morning ritual, I don't buy that can be sugary breakfast (but I bought some sweet chips), it's best for me to get up earlier so I have more time to prepare the meal. Telling others about my routine and this I want to do makes me more motivated. Maybe I should add more blockers for the morning. I need to buy more healthy food
Flora W.
No buying products with empty sugar, just take what you need to the cart while shopping (having prepared list is good). At the morning it's best not to turn on your internet, maybe install app that will block certain apps at the specific time. Be fully focused on your morning ritual
Timothe Q.
I prep breakfast in the evening so i have no excuse but to eat what was already set out. i stopped buying sugary things too, and switched to other alternates that are healthier but also taste good. i deleted the apps on my phone that consumed my time to avoid browsing.