What do you do if you feel you’re working on something that might not be correct. As in writing an assignment but feel like you’re are doing it wrong or could work more productively?

Janet T.
As you start to walk on the way, the way appears! It is difficult to decide how to approach your task before trying to do it. Just try to work as hard as you can. Along the way you will discover new ways which may make working more productive for you. Doing it somehow is always better than not doing at all. So try to do your best! Good luck! I believe in you! So you do!
Terry Z.
I stop immediately and don’t finish it. If is something I’ve should done anyway, I get stressed out and continue (even it’s wrong) but crying out madly knowing it is not right.
Daniel E.
For productivity, always try to eliminate distractions and create a good environment where you can focus for long periods of time. For accuracy, make sure to read the material and understand it. Investigate the topic and read viewpoints from all positions. Make sure to check the grading rubric and follow the directions. Compare with other students and offer to edits theirs if they will edit yours.