How do you stop doing what you know to be wrong?

Catherine Q.
First think about the cause of why you are doing something wrong. After finding its root cause try to eliminate that very reason. However if you can’t do that, start with small steps. Try doing the thing you want to fix everytime a bit different. Try being aware of it as well as this helps bring your conscious back when you are doing the thing wrong and most likely you will eventually correct your wrongdoing
Thomas Y.
Most people do things in response to something else happening. Try to think about when you do this. Is it because something else happened or because you expect something to happen as a result?

If it’s from another experience beforehand, you can try to avoid that situation. If you cannot avoid it, you can try to substitute a different action as a result. What other thing might you do instead.

If you expect a particular outcome, is there another way to achieve it?