How are you creating the most productive Deep Work habit in your life right now?

Ella F.
That's a good question. I try to plan every day a at least two hours in which I am free to shut off every distraction. I also use a website blocker to block some websites during my work day by default. Before I start working I make a to-do list and try to visualize my deep work.
Ivan F.
I started making small lists; I have a ton of distractions at work and no door on my office. I make small 15 min todo lists and aim for completing 3 without stopping. I started with a smaller goal of one 15min slot of my day and it has been I start my list the day before. I had much bigger lists before I found it overwhelming.
Candice E.
You HAVE TO put the phone to the side, have the Fabulous music playing if you want to OR try playing storm/rain sounds as a calming and focus inducing tactic
Rodolfo Y.
Making sure to not go into motions but actions and completing tasks. Blocking distractions and setting a timer and saying I will not do anything else until this timer goes off for a break
Cecil Y.
I have set up a area on my bed with my journal next to it that I write at. I also play relaxing music to keep my mind focused on what I'm doing. I have been doing this for a few days now, the first few days were kinda hard to focus but keeping at it I was able to write non stop for 25 mins
Dora U.
Definitely. I have been using it start important projects work that makes me feel nervous, I breathe & commit myself to 25 minutes…& then I can usually easily flow into 45.
Jason F.
Staying consistent and making things simple in the beginning until you fine a routine that works for you. It takes 28 days for the body to replace every cell. I would like to think it will take that long to hammer down the perfect routine.
Ildefonso C.
In the morning I get up and meditate and then do the 25 minute deep work session. Sometime I don’t have time to do both but I try to at least do the 25 minutes of study.
Heinz Willi G.
The biggest help is I like listening to thunderstorm noises from my Amazon Echo Dot or on Spotify from my PC/phone because I found that brings me a lot of focus so try that, any ambient/white noise, Music without lyrics like a study playlist or anything that works for you!

Then having a piece of paper where I write down my distractions does kinda help but you NEED to keep your phone a certain distance away from you and set to where you don’t even hear any notifications that you get. You can start using your phone again on a five/ten-minute break BUT be very careful cause that break could ruin your productivity so plan wisely