Can fun be considered as deep work?

Hans C.
Work basically draws energy from your body just as your brain is focused on it. So fun is deep work in that you enjoy doing it and you're not coerced.
Victoria W.
I guess deep work can be fun. If you are a professional player and you have to focus on the game you are playing as your daily training yes.
Austin J.
I don’t see why not. You are still focusing for the appropriate amount of time. You’ll be amazed what you can learn from having fun.
Maya Z.
Play is an essential part of maintaining mental and physical health. Joy is also a part of play, being in the moment and totally engaged. So yes, activities that have those qualities are deep work.
Boris I.
I think deep work is neither fun not work. When I get into the state of flow that often comes with deep work, I feel at peace. Time seems to stop existing, and the experience itself is much more than just fun.