How do you follow your routines without getting distracted?

Albrecht N.
In don’t know . Maybe start a routine & and being time conscious . If I have distraction. Maybe what I’ll do – is later on this time . We can talk about it more. Right now – I’m finishing thing . Or maybe say. I only hav 2 or 5 min I have complete a task – something like that maybe .
Jeanne A.
I just tell myself it's good for me. My sister would tell me things like 'do you first'. 'Persist'. 'Get it done then you can do whatever'. She's someone I admire and look up to for good energy. So I'm really only following in her footsteps.
Levi P.
Breaking the chores up into different days and different times of the day. The weekends are off limits so I can rest and regroup
Juan S.
I set myself a timer (e.g. 45mins) & disconnect my phone/place it on silent. Usually I also have Screen Time limits on too.
Maelya E.
I get distracted. What I do next is shrug my shoulders and carry on. Even though, for me, I personally haven't opened this app in a few days, I still somewhat followed my routines. The best way to complete a routine is to fill it with tasks you will likely already complete without much effort, and then add 1 thing to it that is different. Follow it for a reasonable time, and then keep adding from there. Distractions will then not be viewed as a nuisance or with anxiety, but as a opportunity for growth and learning.
J Nia E.
To be honest it does need to work hard for it,but the thing is that you need to love what you do. So basically I make it a goal, think of it always, and also think of the result,but mostly important is that I don’t do this when I need to concentrate, but only when I feel down and get bored of the goal.
Martin N.
I also had that problem. I solve it by having a time to start and finish each task. And know that if I fail them, I will start my day late, or actually be late to something. And everytime I get distracted, I try to find ways to block them next time. For example, not responding to any text or chats until I have done my routine.
Gordon U.
Sometimes when I am not feeling well or feeling low I feel like quiting but I maintain the streaks and take up 30day challenge streak when leanring something new or reading a book or even doing daily push-ups… What ever may happen I can't break the streak. Keeping the streak helps me