What is your strategy on achieving deep work habits and minimzing diatractions?

Jucelaine Moura
Music. I find music with my head phones on blocks out everything else so in can concentrate.
If I can my best deep work comes from long walks on the beach.

Gary Garcia
My first strategy is mindful aha not getting irritated being patient and gently returning to the task I'm distracted then bringing my focus back to my task staying gentle with myself doesn't matter how many times I have to bring my focus back until I finish my task

Mikkel Hansen
One strategy is noticing my mind wondering accepting that it's normal bringing it back number two is noticing that my mind has wandered being gentle bringing it back.
If I'm finding it difficult to focus I may spend a few minutes with my imagination imagining what I want to do so stimulating the brain and feeling what it feels like with my imagination achieving the focus work I want
Another strategy breaking the task into small steps