Between running around in the morning, doing habits, and trying to get to work; how do you get motivated to sit down and actually do the deep work session?

Eleonara P.
Getting started is the hardest part. Limit distractions, but on focus music, and just commit. I also use the pomodoro technique. After the first 10 min I get into it and can easily go for multiple sessions.
Ricky O.
I have been having trouble myself getting motivated to do Deep Work. Two techniques have helped me.

(1) I designate a particular physical space for Deep Work—one with a couple of qualities similar to the space one might create for meditation (“a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted”). However, because meditation, for me, usually takes around ten minutes, a bedroom with the door closed suffices. For Deep Work, I try when I can to use a space outside my home, such as a library or a coffee shop (the Starbucks where I am is usually quiet enough; other coffee shops are not).

(2) To get started, I tell myself I only have to work for 25 minutes. Often once I get started, I can get into “the zone” and work for 45 minutes (sometimes longer if my schedule allows).

Mark J.
I do my deep work at the office most of the time. When i get in, i will get myself a cappiccino, push te button of my laptop and start with a deep work session. The rest of the dayvis much more productve then
Mandy U.
Being self employed, for me the deep work session is an opportunity for me to just immerse myself into the work I need to accomplish without distraction. However, I have to say that working from home gives enough distraction just as a job would.

It all boils down to the mental preparation you put into your routine and the "why" of your wanting to do the deep work. If you have that clarification in your mind, the rest is easy to take care of.

Joan T.
I have noticed that catching up with work related stuff for 30 minutes before my commute makes my day at work a lot easier once I get there, as I have already sorted or priorotised urgent tasks. Which means I can enjoy a cup of coffee with my colleagues and some start-of-the-day meetings without worries. Thinking about that relaxed cup of coffee motivates me.
Sometimes, if the train is not too crowded, I actually do the deep work while on commute. Sometimes Ido it before so Ican enjoy reading on the train.