What systems do use to ensure productivity, block distractions, and keep you on task.

Neutel Rodrigues
I avoid using electronics that can easily distract me. I turn my phone on silent and place it far away so I would have to go out of my way to look at it. And I write everything down on paper rather than use my computer.

Clayton Lee
Before starting the task, I make I have everything I need to accomplish it. I then put on a long playlist so I don't have to go in and change songs every once in a while (which is a distraction). I then use a pomodoro timer. I do 25 minute work bursts followed by 5 minute rests.

Paul-gerhard Gehrke
Writing down thoughts to focus on them later. Blocking or time for specific activities. Reducing the time I spend in entertainment.

Lélia Freitas
I use the pomodoro method to stay focused with a chrome extension timer. I also hide my phone away when I don't need to use it for work because it's too distracting otherwise.

Manuela Aragão
Put the phone inside a drawer. In my case, I send a quick message to my family and friends texting groups saying I’ll be working for the next 30 min and to call if it is urgent(this prevents the anxiety of thinking “what if someone is texting?”).

Jose Edwards
I get distracted very easily. For the time being I am trying to write down every distraction and we will see how that goes.

Marius Hansen
I work in short sessions of 15-20 min, when i put some classical music and work on one task. Then i take a break, take stairs to insrease blood flow and then start again.

Desiree Schümann
I block 2 hours in my calendar as focused time so that no one can book a meeting in that period. For people that pop their heads into their my office, I take note of what they want to respond after my focused time

Mercedes Martins
Motivation to feel a reason to celebrate when the task or this piece of the project is completed, and look.forward to knowing that I can achieve that piece of accomplishment, and the peace and small, medium or large joys of the achievment😊. Thanks for asking.

Liva Møller
A timer, a to do list, a distraction sheet and a simple reminder to myself to just focus on spending time on the task at hand.