How do I block distractions if my phone is the source of my deep work?

Sebastian P.
Use filters rigorously to block out unnecessary information and also set a timer that resets every 20 minutes or half hour to double-check your focus also when your timer goes off get up and move around for 1 minute breathe deep and drink some water
Nathan O.
Try to prioritize what is work and what is a distraction and don't follow them. Once you follow a distraction is more and more difficult to go back
Clinton U.
Go to your nearest local library. They will most likely have computers and there you can do your work without the distractions of your phone.
Rachel A.
Well, in that case I use two simple solutions, first I use air plane mode, second I use the app called Engross and split screen mode on my phone. In Engross you set a timer for how long you want to be focused and tap the counter whenever you get distracted. Fo other deep work sessions I use Fabulous, but it does not count your distractions which is a pity.