How do you make yourself WANT to do something? Personally, I find it difficult to even get motivation to start working. What about you? Do you have any tips?

Hilma U.
You can’t make yourself want something. if you want it, you want it. If you don’t want it you don’t want it. Respect yourself. Find what it is that you want and then do it. You need to find out why you were doing something. If it is something compelling, then the results of that will be enticing and you will want to do the thing. Maybe you need to have some nice reward at the end Which makes that thing compelling.
Michael F.
I try to be clear on my bigger goals that I want to achieve as well as why. I then link specific activities to this, which creates the motivation
Chris C.
For me…rock bottom works. It’s terrible I know. I tend to be in a bubble for almost everything and only when I’ve reached to the point where I hate it then I become motivated to change it.
Like with my weight…my turning point was when I looked in the mirror and wanted to cry. I couldn’t deal with it anymore. I travel a lot and when I see all these fit people around me I was like what’s stopping me? That was my turning point.
Anna Y.
ive struggles with this also, but what i like to do is to face chat a friend or my sister because i get motivated by the surrounding of others
Felix P.
There are no shortcuts in life. Motivation comes from within. First of all you must have a vision, a vision will inspire you daily. When your vision is clear, you then have to create a routine or a set of routines that will help you achieve your vision. It is great to have a goal, but why not set standards? Standards are 10x times more powerful than goals, goals you might achieve, but a standard is a way of life, is the way you decide how to live for the rest of your life.

Remember. Motivation comes from self discipline, which is formed from routines based on your vision! Keep it up, clear your mind and know what it is that you really want and go for it!!!!!

Jelena J.
I will create a mood board or motivation page in my diary for what my motivations are for working. For me, it is to do well at university and have a successful career. And also, to think of how important your goal is, and where you should prioritise it in your day. Perhaps it is a first priority? A good thing to learn is how to let go of what isn’t important. Such as that evening/late night t.v? Limit what isn’t important, five yourself n actual figure- such as only one episode, or one hour of t.v, after your work has been completed? Take it slow and be forgiving on yourself.
Scarlett E.
I try to break any job into smaller tasks – especially jobs I don't want to do. I find that there is some aspect of completing the job that isn't the worst & start there. I enjoy breaking things down into lists, so that is a good start. Be careful though, you can "list" your day away & get nothing done. So make the list & commit to 3 things & do them. You may find that you're on a roll & get past the 3 things.
Monika E.
Well, there's no "easy way" to start working if you're not use to it. You just have to force yourself to do it, be stronger than yourself, disconnect all your thoughts and just start working. Of course this is not easy and maybe you were looking for something else, but the truth is: only you can have the strength to move yourself towards working. Nobody can do that for you. Your friends and family can motivate and be with you but it's always up to you either you do a good session of work or not. Think about a long term future, think about tomorrow, think about what you want from you in 1, 5, 10 or 30 years. Think about the consequences you will face if you don't straight up. The good news is that it will get easy. It's like passing through a field of bushes. The first time it will be hard, you will end up all dirty and scratched and you don't want to do that again. But if you keep going everyday, a path through will start to appear. But if you start skipping some days, the bushes will grow back again and it gets difficult again to pass through. If you keep do it for a month, nothing will be on your way and it gets as easy as anything else you like. I hope this will help, it helped me