How do you motivate yourself to take on tasks you’re dreading?

Johan Z.
I try to think about the benefits or rewards I'll be getting for concluding them and how they can help me accomplish the ones I love doing.
Josip O.
I used to adopt the thinking of “what’s worse than this deadline / chore / to do”. For example, I’m a writer, and whenever a deadline comes looming over me, I think that what’s worse are those churning article after article per hour, due to the 24/7 news cycle. So I think that’s worse compared to my deadline and feel better about it.

But recently, I’ve been trying to adapt a more positive approach. I try to see and feel the end of the task—the feeling of triumph and accomplishment. I also adapt affirmations, as suggested by Fabulous, and it’s worked! it’s wonderful.

Owen F.
I find it soooo easy to procratinate when it comes to doing the tasks I’m not looking forward to. When they’re supposed to take priority over some of the things I would rather do, I can often find that I end up doing none of the tasks.

So now I try to organise my day with fun tasks separating the less fun tasks. If the less fun jobs are long, I see where I can break them down into more achievable chunks.

To help with focus and drive, I also use Beeminder and Forest focus apps.

Also, like The Fabulous has taught me, I celebrate my wins and try not to be too hard on myself if things don’t quite work out that day.

Hope this helps! 😁

Lisbeth E.
I ask the Devine the answer I have today and express my appreciation for this morning I can enjoy a cup of coffee and the whole day I can complete my tasks then I can enjoy everything later.