Before I start working on a project, I get anxious before I’ve even begun. Do you know any tricks to stop this kind of defeatist attitude?

Emma J.
Before sleeping I creatively visualize in elaborate details my success in the project. I see myself working on coming up with solutions and creative ideas. Its like practicing in your head. I imagine the praise and recognition I’ll receive for my hard work and how I’ll be able to relax and enjoy the rewards of my labor later.
Noilves B.
There is no trick, don’t resist your feeling. Accept it & be with it more we try to get rid of that it will remain with us. Being anxious can also leads to being focused,as we don’t want to make mistakes
Gunnar F.
Hmm… I wonder if instead of resisting or trying to stop that anxiety, you were to see the anxiety as your normal body response and even maybe see it as an exciting sign of your continued growth in life. Worth a try?
Julie X.
I feel the same way! I try to go to a coffee shop or library with a friend and I tell the friend what I am working on. That way someone else holds me accountable. I also try to appreciate and take a moment to be happy for myself when I start and finish something I found anxiety inducing, and I try to remind myself how good starting something new felt the last time.
Elaine Z.
It happens when we expect ourselves to perform very high in any project try not to built any expectations from your performance and just start working on it you will see how it is to complete and celebrate every step you take in the direction of your project