How do you best keep yourself on track during a deep work session?

Astrid N.
Well, I think that you need to do the pinafore technique and focus on one task at the time. If you stuck try going to take a nap for 20 mins and after walking up trying to do that thing again with new perspective. Start with hardest task if possible
Ab Lio A.
I use a little app called Forest. When you set the timer, you'll plant a seed. If you look at your phone, the tree dies 🙁 so it's a nice little motivation.
Raik E.
I like watching Abraham Hicks, Matt Kahn, Jarrad Hewett and other light workers. What ever I click on seems to resonate with me for the day, so I do my writing on what I learn and reflect on.
Marilyn U.
Two things:

A sand timer (half hour glass) in my case.

And a random thought notepad or sticky note to jot down things that come up and try to demand my time. I’ll quickly jot it down so I know I don’t ha e to think about it at least until the time is done

Soline E.
I start with meditation or deep breathing to bring myself into the present moment. Then I make a checklist of what I want to complete during the deep work session. I remove all distractions from my workspace. I put on noise canceling headphones and play study music without lyrics at a low volume. Then I set a Pomodoro timer and get to work. To keep myself from getting sidetracked during the session, I keep a small notepad by my side. If I think of something else I need to do, I write it down quickly and get back to the task at hand. This keeps me from getting anxious that I might forget something. Any other concerns I have will still be there when my session is up. Finally, no multitasking allowed! The best way to get the most work done is to do one thing at a time.