How to do deep work as you no time for that?

Tiffany N.
Ask yourself what’s important and what you’re making time for. If you don’t have time for what’s important, then you need to re-evaluate
Holly U.
Deep work should save you time. You start the timer and get your day going without any distractions. If you pick up your phone in the middle of your task it's right there to remind you
Timothee F.
I reccommend starting with small time slots first. Set 25 minutes and, just like working out, make it something you do every day. Really visualise how great you'll feel when you get it done and commit to putting aside the distractions for just 25 minutes. Build up the habit, reap the endorphins, and then maybe decide to go a bit longer! The more you work at something that's challenging, the less challenging it becomes.
Domniki X.
Dude its 25 freaking minutes of your life, we didn't even ask for a complete hour.
Either you are lying to yourself and spend time relaxing on social media more than you know, which then, the answer is obvious what you should do, or maybe you are going through a very stressful perios of life due to a heavy project or something.
Well in that case, give yourself time. Maybe you shouldnt start deep work challenge right now and wait for things to relax a bit more.
Catalina P.
Well, the short answer is you set aside time. Weather it’s 15 minutes or 60, you dedicate time to whatever you need to get done without distractions.
Ellie P.
By keeping track of your time better. There's 24 hours in a day that you can break down. 8 hours of work (+ Maybe 2 hours travel eachway so 10 hours) and 8 hours of sleep. So 24 – 18 hours = 6 hours each day you are left with. In those 6 if you have a family or other commitments you can work that out. But you will still be left with time. Even if you multitask some deep work if necessary depending on the deep work. We have much more time than we think each day but we don't correctly use it.
Sally Z.
Deep work is really something you want or need to do with complete focus for 25 minutes. Therefore you can find something very simple to focus on and do that for 25 minutes. You can find that time for something simple that would take your time anyways like a house-cleaning project, reading a chapter of a book that you need to learn something from, an assignment etc. This would give you a sense of accomplishment and the drive to make time for deep work whenever you need to focus on an activity.
Ian N.
Go over everything you need to do and everything you want to do. Ask yourself if you really need to do certain things, you might be surprised that some things aren't as necessary as you might have thought. It is only 25 minutes after all.
Ian U.
Yeah, I find this the hardest. It's about being really intentional and disciplined to take the time for something that is important, but not urgent. There will always be something else you need to do, but is it as important as taking the time to focus deeply and improve yourself?
Jojo E.
start small. give yourself 30 seconds to do some deep thinking and associate it with something yr already doing regularly. like, commit to 30 seconds of deep thought while brushing your teeth before bed or prepping your lunch. build up the habit if doing that 30 seconds. after a few weeks of making that a habit, increase the time.
Cathy A.
According to my own understanding of Deep Work, it is to focus the attention of the mind on a single task and not allow the mind or attention to wander or drift off by thinking about other things or allowing oneself to get distracted. It is to keep the mind focused on one thing and one thing only, which is the current task being performed. It requires a degree of being aware of where the focus is being directed and the will to keep the mind focused on only the task at hand. The task can be anything. It can be washing the dishes, driving, working on a project, exercising, cleaning something, reading, writing, staring at a flame, observing nature on a walk, etc. All that matters is that the attention of the mind is being entirely focused on a single task, and that can be any activity that is routinely practiced everyday. Deep work is the practice of controlled focus on a single task (preventing the focus from going into a million different directions) which can be done or practiced during any daily activity, even while brushing the teeth. So there is always time for the practice of Deep Work or controlled focus because we are always involved in some kind of activity. Energy flows where attention goes and when our energy is being fragmented into multiple different directions on multiple different things at the same time, it causes incoherence, disorder or chaos in the brain which causes stress and unease in the body and if persisted upon causes disease.
Chardon U.
You have to make up your mind that putting time aside is something you will make happen. As humans, if we want something bad enough, we’ll find ways. Start with a short amount of time and slowly increase the time. For example, commit to 15 minutes one week and then 30 the next. Pretty soon, you’ll be conducting deep work for an hour or even longer. I have 3 children, I work full time, coach part time and I’m finishing up my graduate program. I work with my husband and teenager and make time a couple of times a week for me to conduct deep work. There’s nothing to it but to do it and you CAN!