How do you stop procrastinating during your Deep Work habit?

Villads A.
I would do first the “block distractions” habit then it is easier to do deep work. Remove all distractions and use the helper Fabulous provides in the habit

Hannchen U.
I find by writing my distractions onto the interruption page is very helpful is re-focusing my attention to my work.

I also find that by thinking of the end product is effective is maintaining focus to complete the entire task with enthusiasm and power

Kelly C.
I spend most of my time on my phone. So when I start the deep work habit I set it aside. I leave the app to play because the sounds are soothing. This way whenever my impulse is about to reach the phone the sound calms me and also reminds me that I set the phone aside

Arianna G.
I keep a notebook and write down the tasks I have to do as I do them. Something about the writing things down and checking boxes makes things happen.

Klaus Ulrich A.
Set aside time when I don't have other commitments. Get trivial things out of the way so I'm not tempted to do them. Go to the loo first and have a drink nearby.

Nolan E.
Make a detailed plan of what you need to get done so you can stay on track. I recommend putting the hardest task first and the easiest last. Remove ALL distractions from your environment. Set goals and reward yourself for each goal e.g. if I finish this section I get to eat lunch 😂
Good luck!

Karen P.
Start by committing to just one session per day. Have a piece of paper and a pen nearby to track any unrelated thoughts you encounter during your session. With practice, you will see that the list becomes shorter

Kasimir C.
So far, my best two approaches have been to either use my deep work time to do something that I’ve been wanting to do for some time, or to do work on things that are pressing concerns for me. By using my scheduled deep work sessions set aside for either of these, I find it easier to not procrastinate because either I am really looking forward to getting to do the work, or because I’m on a deadline and I find time constraints very motivating.

I also think that it can be important to consider why I’m procrastinating on certain things, especially those that I have set up for my deep work sessions. If, for example, I’m finding it difficult to get started, or I’m avoiding the session entirely, that tells me one thing; I’m probably either unsure where to start or I’m avoiding the task as a form of mood repair, because I’m exhausted or in pain. On the other hand, if I’m getting into my session and then find myself drifting from the task, then that’s a totally different issue. Maybe I need to evaluate whether this is the best thing for me to be doing as my deep work.

One final thing that helps me not procrastinate on deep work is to actually always do the “set up” that Fabulous recommended; I have a special set of coffee and tea that I only get to make and enjoy as a part of doing my deep work. By adding in a ‘treat’ at the very start, I usually find it easier to settle in to whatever the plan was for my deep work session.