How do I unplug?

Donald X.
Usually i try to use my phone away from the bed and I put it in “do not disturb” mode, then I go to the bed and I read some book: reading instead of using the phone makes me sleep better
Gladys O.
Find a safe space where you feel peace and comfort. Leave your devices and work outside of that place. Start your time with a breathing exercise to calm yourself for 2 minutes. Then enjoy your time with yourself with prayer, meditation, and silence!
Magrit J.
You need to find your “zone”, an activity or hobby you enjoy so much you lose track of time. The time you spend (doing whatever you choose) allows you to forget about everything, relax, and unwind. It’s a mini vacation for your mind!
Bendavid Q.
The trick to unplugging honestly is to just do it. Start your day by unplugging. If need be, prepare the night before for a period of time not when your devices. Then when you wake up the next day you can at least feel like you were not immediately sought after. In the beginning, start by doing it for a few hours. Eventually you may even last the whole day. The trick is to try it once. After that you will realize you do not always have to be connected to the world. You need your alone time.
Sara Y.
Turn off your WiFi router and your mobile data, put your phone on airplane mode and settle into it. The urge to constantly check for updates will be difficult at first, but stick with it and it'll get easier