Do you have any tricks to don’t forger the pomodoro time tracking? I use to do one or two pomodoros and then focus that much that I simply forget about the pomodoro timer.

Leon U.
Well, maybe the pomodoro technique isn’t for you. If you can concentrate that much without any problem and still feel with energy, it’s a good sign. But remember, don’t confuse movement with progress, how much are you getting done in that time? Why did you actually start applying the pomodoro technique? Maybe you don’t need any technique, maybe you can naturally organize your time, just set blocks of times and Chunking techniques. Read RPM by Tonny Robbins.

If you are productive, can keep a good and healthy work rythym without obsessing, go ahead and use your own personal technique!

Kent E.
Force myself to just do one pomodoro, don't set the expectation of doing several in a row. Then, by the end of the first one, I'm either ready to continue doing pomodoros or I'm at least focused enough on something useful that I can be productive.
Tyrone U.
Unfortunately , sometimes I also forget about it . And it's a real disappointment for me, cos I don't forget doing the routines (drinking water, exercising and so on).
Cody J.
Well a few options are available. You could look at a few apps such as you timer feature on your clock. You could use grab a pomodoro app that keeps track of everything, or if you prefer to go old school make a small tracking sheet that you can copy a few times. One with an area to write a start time, finish time, and to check mark. Allowing the area to check off gives you that satisfaction that you completed the goal and that you will want to do it again.
Joaquim P.
I use an app named "focus to do" with fabulous technique for writing down my goal, blocking distractions and keeping a distraction log