What do you do in regards to your deep work habit on days you want to set aside for vacation?

Louisa Y.
I choose a task that is vacation related. Using my deep work habit, I immerse myself in that task (and aim to have some fun as well…it is after all a vacation 😉
Erc Lio S.
I dont think deep work habit is something that you want to do daily, I think it is practice of how deep you work. My deep work practice is when I decide to work, I put timer and put all the distraction to another room, lock myself in, and do the thing I said I would do. When I go on vacation, I vacation. Vacation is for not working, isnt it?
Nina C.
Ser medica en estados unidos Félix muy feliz con mi profesión con un suelto espectacular, feliz y tranquila con mi familia viviendo en playa caribeña donde pueda surfear y disfrutar plenamente de mi vida en pareja y familia. Y de mi. Siente dime orgullosa muy orgullosa de mi misma.
Hellmut E.
I don’t do deep work on vacation days. The point is to unplug! But you could replace deep work with reading a book or going for a walk.