What do you do for deep work ? How do you use that time ?

P Q.
I sit down and work on a project. I plan the project the night before. Today I sat down uninterrupted to sew something I was failing to find time for.
Teasy Guy M.
I use deep work to do homework, and I use that time to answer, reflect and study my homework and for future tests and exams.
Kimia Y.
I’m an English teacher and as you know now a days because of quarantine we should have online classes, so I need to get prepare for my classes.
On that time I usually manage my time on doing the school staff.
Carolyn N.
I use this as time to really focus on a project, eliminate distractions, and be productive. I create a “work zone” with wind chime music, wearing my kitty cat ears (because I can feel them in my head), then I just go. At the end of 25 minutes I stand up and take a break.
Nicole C.
For my deep work time I have been using it to finish a work project that I got stuck on a couple years ago. Today, at the end of the deep work time, I had finished a draft and sent it off for review. Tomorrow will be hardcore data entry into my work inventory database 👍
Daniel J.
Knock out the most important / most unpleasant task you have for the day. Or I use it for things requiring a lot of mental focus like writing.
Kiara U.
I use it either to study the Bible or to study for the MCAT. Those are two of the hardest topics I personally feel are akin to a mountain for me. It’s intimidating but once you are in the flow state you really begin to understand things and grow.
Dirk P.
I am a teacher. So at the moment I have been busy setting up a programme of weekly school work to send to my parents to give to the learners. Also setting up worksheets, videos and powerpoints that they can use as well.
Sheila E.
I spend that time doing homework assignments for school. I have learned about assessment and plans for type 2 diabetes, headaches, GI bleed, and cholelithiasis.
Colin O.
I usually use it for school! I value that time to keep me accountable 🙂 It is a good chance for me to stay off my phone and the music reminds me what I’m doing so that I stay on task ☺️
And Elika X.
First of all I’m listening to music which helps me to focus. My favorite is music without words, classic music, ambient and something which is called white noise. Also I set timer for work: 25 minute for intense focusing and then 5 minutes break. It works for me and I hope it will work also for you guys. 😉
Christa N.
I schedule 1-3 ‘must accomplish today’ tasks and schedule them into my ‘deep work’ time slot on my calendar. Then I go off line, block other distractions, grab water and coffee as I am mentally preparing for it. I close the door and don’t come out until it’s done or, the time I allowed for it is up.
Sometimes I don’t get it done when I plan to. And that’s ok. I than do it after everything else is done. This causes late nights and forces me to do better the next day. At least I am aware. I am work in progress.
Sabrina E.
I keep reading to see if anything changes and if it get two chapters through and nothing interesting has happened I’ll put it up. Always read the blurb so you know if you wanna read it first
Grace Y.
I use my deep work time for what I feel is most important that day! I’m a college student so oftentimes I spend it working on assignments. But if I’m not sure what is most important yet or want to work on things outside of school then I’ll come up with a list of goals or activities that I want to do, like making a better morning routine, painting something, journaling, doing something creative, cleaning, doing something that makes me happy, practicing a new hobby, etc. (just a few ideas of what I do) After I’ve made my list of goals I will pick one of them and really focus on just that during my deep work time. I love to create idea lists like this every so often so that the next time I feel stuck with what to do for my deep work I can just look at the list and choose one! I hope this was helpful 🙂
Isobel N.
I’m a student, so I use the time to organise my notes and my study plans. I also use it for short, intense tasks, that I would otherwise spend a lot more time on with half the concentration
Elsie P.
I am a student so i obviously do homework. I have amazing focus, so I tend to have Deep Work all day. For my 30 min of deep work, I use the Forest app to block distractions and so I can grow my tree. I pick 1 subject instead of jumping around.