How do you account for and manage relaxation and break time?

Alizee Q.
I take my break time when I can due to my schedule. When I meditate or go for my walk I am fine with calling that my relaxation and break time.
Axel Z.
It takes time, no matter how you do it. For me, the best way is to set a work cycle, giving time for work and a break. Start with a longer break, but each time you take a break shorten it a little.

Now, at first it's going to be difficult, but the more you work at it the more your mind starts adjusting to working in that pattern it becomes easier to do and honestly starts feeling really good.

That's my way at least and it's changed my days dramatically.

Melina F.
I usually do a break after the fabulous work ritual is over (for example the 25 minute MMF work ritual.
Problem is this break usually takes too long. I need to find a way to not "overuse" my breaks.
Working on it! 😊