How do you control yourself enough to get deep work done?

Chlo O.
I'll get my headset. Set up a goal and go for it. I'll always have some unexpected interruptions from my coworkers or the environment. I ask if the can wait or I ignore the chat until I fish what I'm doing.

The most difficult part is to keep going the in the afternoon after lunch break.

Za Ro I.
When it doesn t come natural I use a timer to check if I'm on task every 5-2£ depending on how avoidant or retractable I am.
Eric C.
I would ask the same thing to you haha. I think doing it soon after a workout seems best to me, because you’re riding the wave of feeling good about yourself and your abilities post-workout, so you want to continue that momentum and accomplish deep work with truly no distractions. I also use an app to block Facebook on my PC and go on airplane mode on my phone.
Christian C.
I use a timer and a the do not disturb button on my mobile. On top of that I use a power statement to avoid getting distracted by my email.
Kathy Z.
For me it isn't really a matter of control more about finding interest in what I am doing. Once the world absorbs me, it is easy to focus and I want to do much more than the allotted time.
Felicia O.
The only effort that you need to make is to sit down and launch that 25-minute deep work timer. The rest will follow. The brain works better under time restrictions.
Wallace U.
First I make notes of what distracts me. Then I make sure I remove these situations bedor I start. For example, I make sure I have a cup of coffee, my notifications are turned off, and I am in a space that I won't be interrupted.