How do stay focused while working, with out opening other tabs or your mind wandering?

Dawid A.
Concerning opening other tabs, there is software out there that allows you to block specific websites for a given amount of time. Just google it.
Regarding wandering mind, try to accept it as it‘s normal, in particular when you have to do sth that is not very captivating. Write your distractions down in a notebook and get back to it after youve done your work for at least 30m

Khushi C.
If u also want to get focused listen to classical ballet song lr start meditating this will help u be focused I was also not focused before i tried this and I am focused now. Nd I dont open any other tabs just my minds is wandering

Judith O.
You've probably heard it before, but the method that works best for me is to have a piece of paper in front of me, and the moment I feel like doing something else, (looking up the weather forecast real quick, checking my email, sending an important message to a friend), I just write it down on the paper. I don't write down entire sentences, the goal is to be distracted for as little time as possible. Usually a keyword is enough. Now I know that I will not forget to do the thing, so I can ignore it for now.

This method works really well with the pomodoro technique. Every 25 minutes i have a 5 minute break. Which is perfect to do all the little things I wrote down. Then 5 minutes later my alarm goes of again, and if I didn't finish all of the things I wanted to do they'll have to wait until the next break.

I also have very specific time for doing things like checking my email. It's 5 minutes at the start and end of my sessions, and if at that time I notice that there's emails there that warrant more attention, I specifically designate a 25 minute block to answer them. Any emails that aren't worth a block and cannot be handled in the 5 minutes can be left until after I'm done working. It's a great way to check with yourself if the email really is worth your attention.

Izzah N.
hmmmm, i also having the same problem with u. but, let's try to switch off our phone and focus during online class. if u want to open other tabs, imagine your kindest ( if u have ) teacher's face, how he or she would be disappointed.

Cherry Y.
I try to work on paper, away from the computer, whenever possible. I also use a timer set in 25 minute blocks, and if a distraction comes up during the work block, I'll jot it down and get back to it later. That way I'm not seduced by things that are important to do but not urgent

Anjana R.
Stick to one thing at a time no matter how badly you think you can do the other thing quickly and get back to task on hand. If you're not done what you're supposed to be doing then don't start another task, if you're really tempted, write it down on a notepad or something and check on it later

Thalia R.
I let my mind wander a bit. I play music in tje background. I look out the window for brief moments. I sip tea. I make what im doing an experience