How can I have a better focus for deep work?

Samantha W.
By setting time in your morning routine or before a task you wish to begin. Give yourself, 5 to 8 minutes comfortably, close your eyes and walk the task through in your head. With a beginning, middle amd end. Setting the tasks and problem solving the solutions as best possible. After that time give yourself 5 to 2 minutes to write down your findings in bullets points in the progressive steps you need to achieve this goal. Only then will you be ready to take on this challenge. Your list isn't a definative one. If you come across obstacles on the way. Stop – calm your mind, close your eyes giving yourself no more than 5 minutes to re-evaluate. Then amend the bullets accordingly in a different colour or with date and time. So one your achieved your final goal. You can look back and see how you achieved this task. Seeing how you cracked the job, what where the sticking points, so you learn what you need to look out for in future tasks and be better prepared.