Is it helpful to listen to classical music or other music while doing deep work?

Liz F.
Yes, or music appropriate to your need for energy based on task in hand.

Silence can also be your friend .

It depends on you.

Selma F.
It is helpful, if you have a lack of motivation or concentration. But it depends also on actual mood. Sometimes the music is irritating me and stops me from concentrating.
Vojta X.
Test it and see for yourself! I listen to music most of the time, but I've met people that need total silence for deep work.
Yana A.
Yes,I believe music during work and studying helps to concentrate. Depends on the amount of work and it's difficulty level. Classic music, techno music, nature sounds are the best, rather listing to something with words e.g. songs.
Neil E.
It doesn't need to be classical, any music is good, if I need to read I'll perhaps listen to jazz, ambient or other electronic music.
Rico N.
It is good for your brain. I couldn’t get into classical music and had played my whole life than an old Professional rock n roller, introduced me to Rachmaninov! And my heart was forever changed. It just took finding the right one. I love Chopin’s Nocturnes but had been lost beyond that. If your life has been limited to Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart (who’s music is the epitome of heath for one’s brain), give ole Rach a try. He opened the doors to a whole magnitude of classicists that I had not known.
But for cleaning house? It’s still going to be Ted Nugent or Steppenwolf for me. I get more done that way, dancing with my vacuum cleaner. 😉
Alex N.
Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I think it depends on how tired your brain is. Also, if you vary between different types of music, you might get more out of it. I listen to chill-hop, lo-fi, classical, forest sounds, city hop etc
Julian Y.
Yes, it is helpful. Listening to nice relaxing music makes the working environment peaceful and less stressful while doing deep work.
Fanatical G.
Well yes, classical music is better then a pop music, but it doesn't have to be true for everyone. Not everyone likes to listen to Bach or Mozart, so sometimes it's better to find your favourite song in a piano version.

Definitely don't listen to song, where is singing. It can distract you.

Marina T.
It definitely is to me. It can be whatever makes you be in the mood to do it. I choose music without lyrics because otherwise it disturbs me, and I feel like I’m more motivated since I don’t have to face boring, plain silence while tending to my tasks that requiere deep focus. It’s somehow an upgrade to the (painful) task, it really improves the mood. I like to listen to nature sounds such as forest rain, jungle animals and so… it’s soothing 🙂
Jonas U.
For me it's only distracting, since I never listen to it otherwise and my brain keeps wanting to focus on it.
I do listen to soft, singer-songwriter music that I've listened to a lot previously. Since I know it so well it doesn't distract me and the sound helps me focus on my work.
(My two music choices is songs/albums I've listened to a lot by the artists Birdy and Bishop Briggs)
Brunhild M.
It depends. Usually it does, classical works for most people. Personally, classical and music I like don’t help me due to being a musician. I tend to get into the tracks and distracted. These days I’ll work without music. If I have a task that is simple and doesn’t require much focus I’ll jam and work. Back in college and to this day if I do want music to help with my deep work, it will be lo fi instrumental music. Mellow beats is one of my favorite playlists for this on Spotify for deep work.
Walda N.
I think yes, do some research on binaural beats. But again each person is different, so experiment with different settings when doing your deep work and see what works best for you.
Rico N.
Not normally classical while I’m doing deep work as it takes concentration and can battle with whatever deep work I’m doing, but usually music of some sort.
Lucille Y.
I've actually found this to be super effective and helps me reach an even deeper level of concentration. There's actually a playlist on Spotify called "Brain Food" which helps you reach peak concentration and positivity.
Susanna P.
I honestly prefer to listen to rain sounds or thunder. Classical music can be helpful although I’ve never tried it. I don’t sleep well with music on
Eli Ka Q.
Well, it depends on type of a person and on type of work you are doing. For example, when I edit videos or photos, when I paint or do other visual type of work I try to sync the mood of the work with the music (this is the only work I can do with music where there’s also singing), when I need to focus on studying or writing I usually use binaural beats (beta or gamma waves) that works best for me. I love classical music, but I tend to focus on it too much so listening to classical music is kind of deep work itself for me 😀

You can also try some apps that generate focus sounds (I use Endel, syncs with circadian cycle) and white noise. Or there is a great playlist on Spotify called “Brain food” and I’m sure there ale plenty more 😉

Good luck with your deep work! This is also something that I’m struggling with…

Ruth R.
It definetely is. I listen to lo-fi playlists, it provides me with the right amount of concentration: it keeps me from getting too anxious on my work, but it's also not too distracting. There's a lot of them on youtube!
Laura Z.
I find that listening to a calming and focused playlist on Spotify is a great way to stay in the zone. I use my noise cancelling headphones as well so I don’t get distracted. 🙂
Ava O.
Yes, the tendency of drama in classical music, it's beauty helps me transcend daily irritations and excuses and bouys me to see challenge in a more positive way.
Jessica Q.
Yes!!! Search on YouTube/spotify for “binaural beats” – they play a different frequency in each ear to get your brain into alpha state for optimal focus! You can also use them for sleep, meditation, anxiety etc 🙂