How to stay motivated whilst working?

Guerete P.
I try to link what i am working on to the goals i have for myself, what i am striving towards…how does the work link to this? I think about what i enjoy about it, what i am grateful for, what i can lear and do to make it better
Gisele Q.
Well up beat music helps energise me, but if you are not able to play music out loud or listen to through head phones, thinking of something positive helps too. Like if your job will help alot of people/the planet,something going to happen in the future, like an upcoming trip, adopting a pet, spending time with family. Thinking positive thoughts of how hard/long one has worked,you have earned your paycheck&possibly an opportunity to talk to your boss about a raise or some validation of all the hard work, a team participant & persistant employee that you are.
Lilian Z.
I try to remind myself of why I’m doing what I’m doing, what my goal is and the bigger picture. It always helps put things in perspective
Patrik C.
While I am working it is easy for me to stay motivated. Simply having the thought in my head that I got to get work done always makes me motivated to start and finish any work or tasks I need to complete. For homework I usually do it in the morning as I have no distractions which always motivates me! When I work I leave it on my desk so I can remember but my room looks so messy because of this big messy pile on my desk so finishing my work as soon as possible is always a must so I can clean my room. This keeps me motivated because I know after the process I will have a nice clean room!!!
Ronald J.
Keep you eye on the goal. Don't let the world make you waver. Don't worry about stopping to blink once in a while. Reassess; make adjustments – living in this world means that everything is in constant motion
Vera P.
Minimizing distractions and making sure I stay focused on the task and hand. If distractions come up, jot them down to return to later then return to the main task.
Thiago E.
I guess I stay motivated by reminding myself that if I finish my work, I wouldn’t stress about that anymore and can enjoy the free time after until another work is pushed my way and looking forward to the chocolate I reward myself afterwards can make me motivated, but listening to music while working also keeps a little of my motivation up because while I’m doing my work, I can still enjoy it by dancing to some EDM.
Laly T.
I mostly study when I’m in a comfortable place and I try to be interested in what I’m doing when you’re intrested in what you’re doing you’ll actually not notice it also I try to bribe my self with chocolates and a time limit for a particular activity and I say it’s just for 2 hours and after that you have 16 hours to do what you want also never do anything with a tired brain it never works
F Lix P.
I use a pomodoro timer app. I only listen to the ticking while i work for twenty-five minutes straight. Helps block out distractions