What if you are on travel or stuff like that. What about deep work then?

Edouard Y.
When your on vacation your there to relax & just get away from it all. That doesn't mean you can't practice what you have been taught so

Terrence J.
if it is a temporary condition you can enjoy your holiday, while taking only short period of time to do deep work(for example 15 minutes or 30 minutes deep work just after you get up or before bed. But if it is a lifestyle and a permanent condition, it would be better to schedule your deep work session before the week starts, and then follow the schedule.

Hector J.
I put my phone on silent and put headphones on with a white noise to help me focus. Deep work is deep work no matter where I am it’s my time to focus on work/school

Jeremiah F.
If it’s Thanksgiving or another special occasion like that, I keep my core habits but don’t worry about things like deep work. Instead, I compensate through rest. Holidays are more draining so I really take care to pamper. If it’s just general travel, I work around my schedule but try to maintain. My brother died recently and I found keeping my program actually provided added stability and predictability in a way that was comforting.