What do you for your Deep Work Habit if you are retired or otherwise don’t work outside the home?

Hayli R.
I have a job but I don’t consider that my work. My work is where I like to dedicate the bulk of my time and it includes study, taking notes while listening to related videos or podcasts, putting my learnings into practice or writing. I don’t have a singular committed thing that I do for my deep work each day since all of these pieces are essential to its growth, so I make sure that whichever one I need to do that day is accomplished without distraction. I have a designated space in my house that I do all of my work in, where I keep my laptop, books and other resources. I set up my space with what I need, always with a water bottle within reach, start the timer and get to work! Since there are different aspects to my work this helps me focus on one at a time, which ultimately increases my productivity and keeps me from doing partial work on any project. It doesn’t need to be career based to be productive and mindful. You can implement this strategy to learning something new or to improve focus on a hobby!